About Us

ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER is at your service with its expert staff

We invite you to visit our website for our company and to obtain a better idea of our products; we think you will have a better idea after seeing our previous work.
Our products are not standardized or serial products, our products are that we work on their own designs in accordance with our customers send us and request. That's why it is impossible to give price without seeing the visual of the desired product or samples of our customers.
While the valuation quality is being made, first important thing is fabrics and workmanship. Therefore our valued customers, we ask you to complete to provide the information in order to give a more accurate price to you.

Experience and Presenting Solution
ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER has become fast and reflecting the experience with expert staff that can overcome the problems with practical and the most convenient solutions, to blended production and service processes owners increasingly mention the textile industry with increased performance ... ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER has a structure with working philosophy as "There is nothing without solution", using all available opportunities no matter how hard it is, make it in a successful way and when necessary, developing alternatives that offers solutions to customers.

Speed  and Diligence 
As among the developing countries, in Turkey the importance of how fast the manufacturing and services are made is increasing day by day ... ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER works fast and correctly as possible... Quick and efficient working approach continues after production and the delivery of the products to the customers is provided as soon as possible...

ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER protects the end-esteem and trust in customer relations even in the difficult market conditions is aware of their responsibilities, and has been working with a structure respectful to the rules and far from abuse. ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER use all possibilities to fulfill and evaluating securities as promised, thanks to its expert staff and especially the responsibility confidence, can give necessary trust to its each costumer...

The aim is not only to produce the product, but also to bring to the customer the products produced as soon as possible. With this in mind ISTANBUL EXPORT CENTER ensures the required service from taken the order from the customer, from doing all the work, to the final stage of production.